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  • Vochysia pongo-qonecensis (Vochysiaceae), a new species from the Peruvian Andean-Amazonian piedmont forests 

    Huamantupa Chuquimaco, Isau (Springer New YorkUS, 2022)
    Vochysia pongo-qonecensis is described and illustrated. It occurs in the southern Peruvian pre-montane forests of the Andean-Amazonian piedmont. This species is placed in Vochysia sect. Ciliantha subsect. Micranthae. It ...
  • Farewell to Virtual Environments and Welcome to Post-pandemic Mathematical Problem Posing and Solving 

    Silvera Alarcón, Edwin Neil; Cuellar Quispe, Sergio; Sarmiento Campos, Noemí Victoria; Flores Ccanto, Florencio; Huamán Romaní, Yersi Luis (UIKTEN - Association for Information Communication Technology Education and ScienceRS, 2023)
    In the classrooms, teachers faced the dilemma of whether or not to use virtual environments to continue teaching, because students were able to pose and solve mathematical problems with the help of ICT. The objective ...
  • Factors of educational inclusion to improve learning: Teachers' perspectives 

    Huaman Romani, Yersi Luis; Vasquez Alburqueque, Iris Liliana; Carrasco Choque, Fredy; Carrillo De la Cruz, Linda Katherine; Orosco Gavilan, Juan C. (International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific StudiesUS, 2023)
    In elementary school, inclusiveeducation shouldbe adapted to the needs of students with special abilitiesin areas suchas recreational activities, feedbackand methodologiesandplanning. The objective of the research is to ...
  • Establishment success of Brazil nut trees in smallholder Amazon forest restoration depends on site conditions and management 

    Brouwer, Rens G.; Zuidema, Pieter A.; Chiriboga Arroyo, Fidel; Guariguata, Manuel R.; Kettle, Chris J.; Ehrenberg Azcárate, Francisco; Quaedvlieg, Julia; García Roca, Mishari R; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald; Vargas Quispe, Flor; Jansen, Merel (ElsevierNL, 2021)
    1. Forest landscape restoration (FLR) has gained momentum globally and guidance is needed to identify those species, sites and planting methods that increase restoration success. Incorporating native Non-Timber Forest ...

    Estrada Araoz, Edwin Gustavo; Paricahua Peralta, Jimmy Nelson; Gallegos Ramos, Néstor Antonio; Velasquez Giersch, Libertad (University of Cienfuegos, Carlos Rafael RodriguezCU, 2023)
    El objetivo de la presente investigación fue analizar el síndrome visual informático (SVI) en los docentes peruanos de educa-ción básica durante la pandemia por COVID-19. El enfoque fue cuantitativo, el diseño no experimental ...
  • Burn Severity Assessment Using Sentinel-1 SAR in the Southeast Peruvian Amazon, a Case Study of Madre de Dios 

    Alarcon Aguirre, Gabriel; Miranda Fidhel, Reynaldo Fabrizzio; Ramos Enciso, Dalmiro; Canahuire Robles, Rembrandt; Rodríguez Achata, Liset; Garate Quispe, Jorge (MDPI AGSZ, 2022)
    Fire is one of the significant drivers of vegetation loss and threat to Amazonian landscapes. It is estimated that fires cause about 30% of deforested areas, so the severity level is an important factor in determining the ...
  • Vegetation dynamics in lands degraded by gold mining in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon 

    Alarcón Aguirre, Gabriel; Sajami Quispe, Erika; Vásquez Zavaleta, Telesforo; Ponce Tejada, Luis Víctor; Ramos Enciso, Dalmiro; Rodríguez Achata, Liset; Garate Quispe, Jorge (Elsevier BVNL, 2023)
    In the southeastern Peruvian Amazon, small-scale and artisanal gold mining has become a common activity and represents one of the greatest threats to forests. The study evaluated the natural regeneration of vegetation and ...
  • Wood density prediction using near-infrared hyperspectral imaging for early selection of Eucalyptus grandis trees 

    Chambi Legoas, Roger; Tomazello Filho, Mario; Vidal Cristiane; Chaix Gilles (Springer VerlagDE, 2023)
    Wood is a heterogenous material whose properties vary over time, making it difficult to predict the wood properties at a given age of trees in the future. The site and climate are also factors affecting wood heterogeneity. ...
  • Natural Regeneration After Gold Mining in the Peruvian Amazon: Implications for Restoration of Tropical Forests 

    Chambi Legoas, Roger; Ortega Rodriguez, Daigard Ricardo; De Marques De Figueiredo, Francisco; Peña Valdeiglesias, Joel; Zevallos Pollito, Percy Amílcar; Marcelo Peña, Jose Luis; Rother, Débora Cristina (SZ, 2021)
    Context: Gold mining is the most destructive activity in the natural forests of the Madre de Dios region in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon. Understanding the natural regeneration process of these degraded areas is necessary ...

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